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A good story although I'm sure many might debate the history. Mickey Mac had a predecessor of course in Simon Young who disappeared off the rader soon after. I think simon was a judge in Meks first DMC win.
I would think that from all over the country E usage exploded and indeed helped to fuel the fledgling movement from much earlier then 95. 1989-90 been a more likely date. Having said that it's use was probably overestimated.

I like the 'Fisher King' reference

Phil Wade

Great article,(not as good as Ryan's Soccer Shocker hair though).
When i was in secondary school my mate Ken bough a pair of Decks and was listening to the pirates as that was where most of the dance music of the time,Opus 3,Toxic II "Rave Generator" etc..was being played, but Mickey Macs show on 2fm was listened to by all of these guys too because he did get the exclusive mixes and tracks from Abbey discs and he would have the child like enthusiasm for them...Now the lads would give Mickey an awful slaggin but they still tapped his show every week and begged for the pocket money to go out and buy the hot new tunes. I was not rave generator at that time,i liked the odd track Everybody in the Place by The Prodigy was the first rave track i ever bought..but it was a long time before the seduction of decks and mixing grabbed a hold..Incidentally an old Friend of mine, Pat ,lent me one of his many sets of Technics and an eccler mixer for about 2 months as a Birthday present once and he always said that his proudest moment was doing a 4 deck 60 min set on Mickey Macs show,a performance that led him to having a packed club for a longtime afterwards...thanks for stirring some long locked away memories..


talking of those times
someone just posted a 1993 investigation from RTE includes, Greg Dowling Sir Henrys, Fish Records when it was in liberty Street, Cork and the asylum in Dublin

Phil Wade

Watched last night..

Hilarious,i was never in the asylum myself,(UFO was my particular baptism into Techno that was soundtracked by one Francois..No drugs mind you..so it was a particularly scary experience)
Temple of Dance was quite good though..friendly people (i wonder why?)


Fanning catches up with electronica etc in 2008

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