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the old dunnes stores on o'connell st was peeled of any flyers and posters yesterday and given a new coat of white wash, a fresh canvas...

Brigadier JC

Very happy to see this issue addressed here...!

I was intrigued by these A2 black and white posters with the picture of a kid. Anyone seen these?

Wonder what/who is behind them...


well said

Those "unsightely posters" covering the vacant units give a clear indication of frequent music/cultural events happening inthe city, which is commonly concieved to be a city lacking in such culture


Hi JC,
They are part of an E+va project, if you are in the new wing of the City Art Gallery, you will see a stack of them there. I presume you can take a few away :-)

Niall Bourke

Finally I get an opportunity to thank Pat Kearney and all Limerick auctioneers for the wonderful signs they have mutilated Limerick buildings with since my childhood.
My personal favourite at the moment is the 2 metre square advert hung off the side of Ormston house on Patrick Street letting everyone know Rooney auctioneers are the people to contact about renting the building.
Auctioneers have spent years nailing their own free advertising to every building they possibly can. In fact if you look at the aforementioned building there are two adverts stuck to the inside of the window for a Limerick Leader shopping spree. It is therefore ok for the auctioneers and other parties to advertise but do not put posters on the windows without the auctioneers permission seems to be the message.

d OO bs

I think a better point to be made is the ridiculous amount of local candidate poster boards that are threatening to blacken out the sun. Not one signpost of street lamp is left unmolested. We're force to look at a parade of butt-ugly faces with zero mention of policy or ideal. Lovely.

...I still reckon paste is bad...

Brigadier JC

Hi John,

You should acknowledge that some of the candidates DO have policies...


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