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anyone who thought Sinead O connor album wasn't getting respect check this from Burning spear website

"I would also like to give a special Big Up to Sinead O'Connor for embracing roots music. This is a very brave woman to go on stage to sing Burning Spear and other roots music. Sinead has done something that no Jamaican artist has done. She remember Burning Spear music. Respect Sinead for making Our Music Everyone Music."


Interesting discussion going on here on other Irish trad crossovers with reggae



Interesting piece - The Dubs at dub.com agree!


The Irish/Jamaican link is an interesting and enduring one - from the thousands of indentured Irish slaves brought to Jamaica to work the plantations, to the 'Black Irish' alcohol free 'pioneers', who emigrated en-masse at the end of the 19th century... even today words like 'Gansai' and 'leaba' are still part of Jamaicas extensive lexicon...


hey thanks for putting in the link to the radio show I do on WFMU......and check out tom;s show when I will be playing (alongside all the classic and new house.hip hop) some classic Christy Moore (Prosperous.Planxty)...peace BillyJam


It's interesting that the Jamaican "Patois" and Hiberno-English choose along the same lines of derivatives and pejoratives. Though Terry Ganzie's singing leaves a lot to be desired. Ting a Gwan. "Its idiomatic fool!" - ha ha - wish i'd know that in Dublin.. apologizing for me "Deese Dats Dis dems and dose."

BillyJam! Respect from the paddy reggae crew on the other side of the bay - dub.com - come hear the roots.. and the future - Friday 27th Jan RootsFuture @ sublounge.


just to say TA!
i was looking for that mp3 ...



I came here to look for some Irish reggae tunes for my radio show tomorrow night ( I did my share of Eire tunes at shool today, where I teach English).
But I remember in 1989 I went to Finsbury Park in London for an Irish festival and Benjamin Zapheniah took the stage and said to the little surprised crowd - " I am more Irish than British" and since then the link between reggae and jigs and reels was confirmed for me and being the only dread amongst the crowd in Finsbury Park was openly justified :)

Still if anyone could help me with getting some tunes I could play at my show, I'd be grateful and will happily "trade" some Polish reggae instead ?



Brigadier JC

Contact me by email, I'll give you a hand.


[email protected]


Jamaica embraces white singer. Download free music at avaleigh.co.uk


Hey the Currently hottest reggae artist Ava Leigh who is singing on the new Mas Que Nada advert has released her first single which is Available on I Tunes. Or check out Avaleigh.co.uk

Irish Music

There is also a stark influence from Middle Eastern culture in Irish music.
An old man singing Sean Nos in a pub Galway could easily be mistaken for a muslem singing a morning prayer.

Mr. Bacon And Cabbage...


Interesting Bob quinn explored this a lot in the Atlantean trilolgy and the book of the same name. Think his ideas make some sense in particular about the artificial construct of the celtic identity


hey.. u guys from limerick? is there any reggae place to go? need some advice couse comming there next month for some time..


Roots factory in the underground returns on January 31st for it's monthly nights. I emailed you all the details of the other bits and pieces as well.


Apparently the first place in Ireland to play reggae music was a little disco on Mary Street in Dublin called 'Mothers' c.1974/5

Trying to do a little bit of research into the history of reggae in Ireland at the moment.


More Celtic Reggae connections. Ri Ra from Scary Eire has recorded stuff with Adrian Sherwood's On U Sound. And I remember the late, great Tom MacManamon, banjo player with the Popes, recording for one of Skip MacDonalds Little Axe albums.


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