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fantastic post.Well said


I completely agree with the points raised in this post.

IN the past three weeks I have been down on Steamboat Quay on a business appointment in an appartment there. The resident who had a three year old child was speaking about the loudness of late night activities of drunk customers leaving the bar underneath the building. She said neither she nor her son sleep from Fri till Sun night because of the late night rowdiness. She also said there are alcohol fuelled fights on numerous occasions that upset the whole neighbourhood. What kind of environment is this for a three year old. Surely such a family is entitled to live in a quiet, safe environment with facilities for recreation as well as something like the aforementioned meeting room where residents could meet to discuss their concerns.

It sickens me to see politicians posturing with sensationalist headlines designed purely to capture middle class attention (read: the voting sector)when the real issues are obfuscated with such tripe talk. The real issues are the unabandoned drink culture that is gripping our society and keeping potential voices sedated enough so as not to be a threat to the dominant ideology.


I live in Aviary House on the Dock Road and Im quite happy to be here. Ive never had any hassle down here. I hardly ever hear any noise from surrounding apartments and our neighbours are all friendly and polite when we meet in the hall or utility room. They are mostly people from abroad and we get gorgeous whiffs of foreign cooking every day making me wonder on what culinrey delights we are missing out on! My girlfriend who is very friendly and outgoing has made friends in the block with families from the four corners of the globe and when stuck for sugar has no problem getting a bowl from the neighbours. I can understand how people might focus on negative aspects of the area but I dont think its any worse around here than anywhere else in the inner city. One thing I would say is that the top story of the carpark should be a green area for the young kids and parents to use as there is nowhere for that. I dont know how the young familys cope being stuck in doors. Some kids play in the hall or around the carpark but thats not much good. I think you are right that a meeting place for tenants would help the sense of community here and myself and my girlfriend would like to participate. I will say though that the halls and the lifts are kept very clean and security is present so top marks to management for that. I for one am glad to have ethnic diversity in Limerick and I think that a few dodgey people hanging around dont run tings in a majority. Peace. Grinner

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