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"This is what it can be about" - I love this site - arty middle class knobs, probably still gleaming from becoming FTBs, still peddling the lefty sh1t from those halcyon University days. Working class? not if it fell into your collective cappuccino.


easy to criticise, harder to be constructive about positive things happening. Yes, there is a grain of truth in your comment. The arts world can lend itself to pretentious clowns, yet if you took time to open your eyes a little more and scratch beneath the surface, you might be able to see countless examples of ordinary people freely giving their time to offering an alternative to their communities.
A few examples that come to mind offhand are Ciaran Gleeson, who runs the Classic Cinema in Listowel and has started a film club to offer alternative films, at no profit to himself, just passionate about film. I've been and the mix there wouldn't exactly suscribe to your 'cappuchino' description
Also in Listowel, Joe Murphy, a farmer (kings of the pretentious middle class knobs!) runs St. Johns Theatre, again just doing it for the passion of it and attracting a good mix of backgrounds

I could mention more and will if you want more examples, but for the moment I'd encourage you to be a little more constructive in your criticisms, most of the people i've met withing the arts and culture world (in the limerick/Kerry area at least) are for the most part pretty down to earth people.
Mines a cup of Barry's.


LOL, not a very 'fair trade' choice of tea Maurice. The comment was aimed at the 'wearing their politics on their sleeves / This is what it can be about' reference in the original comment. Mine probably should have read - 'I love Bottom Dogs' comments on this site'.

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