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Organ Donor

Excellent stuff and its a fitting piece on the Pipster..Since i moved to Limerick i heard stories about his sets here in Limerick and in Sir Henrys,warming up for the Likes of Claude Young and Dave Clarke,he always wondered why it was the Techno guys he played with but when you hear him playing it makes sense,he was the soulful heart that would engage the audience get them to that special place where the guest then had no more to do but play their records and crowd would go with it.. I was delighted when i actully met the guy after his return from New York that he was not only a truely great Dj but an extremely amiable and funny character.I look forward to seeing his next appearance in Mickeys.(the last one i missed due to international duties).. Bring it on!!

paul tarpey

Pippys next date for Mickeys is Sat March 8 with a local guest to be confirmed. Its intended to break up the classic house stylings with some rawer funk n Disco threaded through the night so fans of both styles nibble at the Buffet. The fact that Pippy has so much to offer it seems wrong to just dust off his old rep when internationally at present there seems to be a move towards this menu. ( Thanks for that Theo Parrish mix ,Organ Donor)

above menu

Organ Donor

No Worries,just listening to it now in work AGAIN!!..Super stuff..


as always an excellent piece mr. t.
just to clarify, pippy didn't support Tom Findaly he co-starred taking the courtyard by the scruff of the neck from 11pm - 2am steadily stealing bodies from the main room until the courtyard was just as much a party as the main room. Once tickets started really moving for the show we knew we would need a serious draw in the courtyard to take the pressure off the main room and there was only one man to call!
our relationship with pippy goes back to the royal then the cairo, via costelloes and now 13 years later he's the only limerick dj we are still booking. viva la pippy!

nigel b

a legend..

Phil Wade

Just a quick addage to this,as Pippy played an absolutly majestic set Mickeys Sunday last at the All day Dj Throwdown..
I urge people who want to here some soulful,vocal tinged music on 4/4 tip,get to his next lesson as soon as you can...

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