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Nice photo, used enjoy chips in stix long time ago, hope it goes well


Recorded the dress rehearsal tonight, excellent stuff, and a big twist at the end.

The BLTs in Stix arn't half bad either.

Robin Parmar

Thanks for the positive comments re: the photo. I came along just before the neighbourhood crowd dispersed, and had enough time to grab my camera from the bag and snap one photo.

P.S. The play rocks.


I have to commend Teaspach as well - excellent in all respects! and any performance I have seen by them has been most enjoyable. I have to say they made a great job of Dracula! Managed to make it into Little Catherine Street to Kevin's reading on Saturday. Indeed a fine crowd. Hoping to make it to Impact's Problem Child. So much to do, so much to see, so little time.. :)

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