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The Japanese are leading the way

Organ Donor

In fairness ,after the behaviour of the Catholic Church this century ,2Pac will have more relevence to a generation than Ratzenburger and his warlocks will ever have.The Church still has better music though..
Although both will have their back cataologue mercilessly ravaged for profit that neither main pratagonist on either side will ever see..

paul tarpey

Donor, i missed the churches archive intention, i agree though.( you know they banned a decending chord sequence in medieval times as tha tone of the Devil, check' Iron Man' by black Sabbath for contempory aural evidence)
I tend to photographicaly reference Tupacs incidendtal imagery around Limerick with my nostalgic hat on, because his original fan base may be parents now and his absence in the arena of car culture and tattoo shops is on the wane,
i cant see the current heads beatifing Young jeezy or his contempory jiggas in the current crop of you tube bangers.
Who would of thought that the faux aspirational visual agenda of ' im an outsida, gotta git money' would peter out so quickly in Ireland with its current concerns?
Certainly the failure of Limericks original referencing nod to capatilisms all inclusivenes, with Tupac, ('hes one of us ,kid) that was referenced in Marks and Engles notes on the industrial tension in Manchester is relevent.
Trying to sell the romantic image of an American
Music star to the populace of this city based on the redundant criteria of the 'non manual's (the goverments new term for the 'working poor'), lopsided adoption of a poet is rehaps touching than rather than ironic.
The post on Jay red is the first record of data collection organically being taken on this subject.
Next up, a report on the amount of small t-shirts
bearing the image of Scarface being sold in Empire records.

Organ Donor

And there are ALOT of them being bought by parents....

"Non-manuals"..that is Orwellian in its dissmissiveness.. is there any official articles or documents with that term used about i wonder.Thats worth doing a piece on.. Leave that with me..

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