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I woz dere. it woz class. I want to hav da rubber bandits babys!!xxxx


One tune? Fuck that - what a joke


playing one track was the right thing to do, left people going away wanting more. 'goodnight limerick, go fuck yourselves' sounds like a hot press cover in the making..

Ken Mac

The bandits are fucking legends. If they want to play for two seconds they can. Those talented bastards probably had a reason for the short appearance.

Tommy C

In response to the one tune fuck that comment...You re comment Im afraid reeks of disgruntled musician Im afraid...in all fairness it was advertised as a guest appearance and not a headlining gig or even support for that matter. I was honoured and privilaged to be at what is by far the most exciting act both musically and comedically in this country at the present monent...they owe you sir, or me for that matter, nothing.

John Mc

I made that comment about there only being one tune. I'm not a musician, only a DJ, and I'm certainly not disgruntled. On the contrary, I'm a big fan of the Rubberbandits, and have been since their prank calls cd was first circulated around the city. I've introduced many of my non-limerick friends to them and sung their praises to anyone who would listen.

However, a "gig" with only one track does not constitute being called a gig. They've a few tunes on myspace so why not perform them as well? If they can't then maybe they should have held off until they could. They've waited this long for their first gig, so why not do it right?

And Tommy C, lets not go overboard on what the Rubberbandits are about. You make them sound like geniuses, and lyrically they come close- but musically they are nowhere near the Irish talent around today. You are deluded if you believe otherwise.

Jerome Doobaticus

Arah, ya had to be there.

(Condensed version)

Tommy c

At what they do John they re second to none, musically, lyrically, conceptually, and no one in Ireland is doing what they do better than the bandits do their thing..thats all I meant...thats my opinion anyway...and I respect the fact that you may think differently...i look forward to when they do a headline or support gig which I heard is in the pipeline...but for now the bag of glue I saw last week will have to do. Peace


"by far the most exciting act both musically and comedically in this country at the present monent"

Seriously? In comedy, maybe but musically not a chance imo..


Chaps. I have to confess. Last Thursday night in keeping with the theme of "bag of glue" was intended as a performance piece of conceptual art. It was a metaphor for riding a fat bird that you have no interest in. No foreplay, four and a half minutes of passion (only because you're thinking about your ex girlfriend) and then out the door as quick as possible. Roaring "go fuck yourself" as you pull your pants up". So I think this should clear everything up.....

Seriously though. The event was free of charge, we were billed as secret special guests and from what I can tell the majority of people enjoyed themselves. We love our fans, because it is they who are responsible for any success we have. We don't spend money on advertising because we dont have the money to spend. Our fans are our advertising, whether its by posting a blog about us or telling their room mate from Carlow about us. We don't ask them to do this, they just do it because they appreciate our art. Its a very pure charitable relationship. It is for this reason that If there was a situation where we asked our fans to part with cash to see us perform, then we would give them the show of a lifetime. I don't think anyone was short changed last Thursday, but I respect your right to express whatever opinions you have. Praise be to Allah, Maker and creator of all things.

jim bob

well said mossy or is it crunchie go the bandits...bring it on


PS. As for being the best talent comedicaly or musically in the country?? Stop it boys its foolish talk, this is not a talent competition. We do what we do because we love doing it and its a daycent laugh. Remember.. one mans Bob Dylan is another mans Boyzone...its all a load of Bollix at the end of the day. Now stop the nonsense and sniff a can of lynx through the sleeve of your old school jumper, the only proven way to clear your head.


Limerick is becoming the capital of slapstick. Don't think there is that big a jump between the rubberbandits and Killnascully.

Slapstick and feuding families, now we only have to weld these two together.

Brian Desmond

""by far the most exciting act both musically and comedically in this country at the present monent"

Seriously? In comedy, maybe but musically not a chance imo..""

Comedy wise definitly. I cant think of any other Irish comedians who have made me laugh harder. We have some esxelent comedians in Ireland but I dont know any of em cumin up with ideas as original as the bandits. The call about the dogs and the wheelie bins, yer man with da fizzy chewits, yer ma thinkin your a vampire becoz someone threw a pear at your neck. The list goes on and on.
I do abit of music and djin myself. And no the lads arent the best in Ireland as regards music, I would say republic of loose are. but the way da bandits produce the tracks is seriously professional and catchy. After i read dere interview in slick dj and listened back to songs like anthonys eye I really got a new appreciation for the music factor of there tracks. Its not easy making good tracks and mixing it well with live playing, after about 3 years ive learned this. We are lookin at an awful lot of talent here and wit all the bad shit about Limerick like yer man said above wit the feuds I am proud to be from Limerick and Im proud that da bandits represent Limerick in a way dat no one else has done before. Support them.


I made a similar claim regarding the quality of the bandits actual tunes to my buddies [2 of whom are respected local musicians]in my apartment before we went out last weekend and was told to cop on to myself. So i put their my space through the big speakers turned it up and focused on the music not the lyrix and people were blown away. Like Brian said,Anthonys eye and pure awkward in particular reek of early hip hop when musically it meant something. There's No question about how funny they are but those tunes are genuinely banging as well.As for who s the best musically in Ireland thats just silly talk, music should be enjoyed for what it is not for how it compares with something else.


john mc - I'm not a musician, only a DJ, a bad one at that :)


Dang, missed this.

Great report from the doobs though.
So, the big question really is now do the Rubberbandits fall into postmodernism, or are the just Limerick's version of Burial (until his cover was blown)??!

Brian Desmond

Burial? Whos he?

Tommy c



"Burial? Whos he?"

Some langball from Mayorstone - makes hardhouse choons and then raps over them. BACKWARDS! Savage, biy.


Im on a big mad horn in the club tonight, lets make PORN in the club tonight...

im allowed bring chips to the club tonight

Trinity rooms

a very Rubber Bandit Christmas Party
Sunday December 28th - Trinity Rooms


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