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Great post, Paul.

"Faggot Internet"? Best graff ever.

Cool C

I agree with post above whole heartedly Paul. Note to self .. 'Must read ALL articles on Cheebah , not just ones with 'Hip Hop' mentioned.
Having said that your colourfull references chopped in and out make for real 'cut n paste' style result, with Steinski precision with the scalpel.. Blade Runner chopped in beautifully. - Cool C


Well at least it's a temporary sign, if you ever travel to Texas you will see mile after mile of neon signs permanently parked in such quantities that they just merge into one another.

Paddy Chadwick

I wanted to see this sign, it is the best graff ever. I am only in Limerick for half a day.

My friend and I came from the States. We want to see the faggot Internet, but we couldn't find it. Is it gone?

Faggot Internet, where's my fuckin' sign?

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