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that fine art print box set, in my opinion, in a little overpriced!! No offence to the artists involved! Was there in conjunction with something else the other night and heard a rumour that the anniversary print set was not the original brainchild of the printmakers. Not very professional of them is it.

paul tarpey

I missed this post when it went up. To clarify first of all i am an associate member of The Printmakers but on this subject am not commenting in any way in an official capacity. The Box set collaboration was originated and proposed as a project from the printmakers to Lyric based on both of them celebrating 10 years in Limerick. The history of the project with all who worked on it was outlined and videoed at the opening if any issue of authorship needs to be clarified. The malicious 'Rumour' you refer to is a bit hazy and can be traced to a puzzling post on another Limerick site. As for the price what would be the comparison? Based on current art prices it is certainly not overpriced particularly considering the reputation of all the artists involved.
The casual comment at the end of your post is offensive regarding the achivement of all involved and hopefully those who for whatever reason are generating negativity towards what is a sucessfull project for the City may stop soon.

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