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I was there a few time meself, and have dim memories of seeing the mighty Afterglow perform. My memories are of intense, balding men in threadbare jumpers , serving coffee in stained white Soviet mugs. It made a real impression on my teenage sensibilities.

paul mc

If you were at that gig I'd be happy to have got out of it without having the retinas burned offa your eyeballs after our reckless (and incessant) use of a borrowed strobe in such a confined space. Can't remember that the Flag lasted very long, was apparantly shut by the double headed beast that was Sgt. Mick Melody and Judge Michael Reilly (although these two were being blamed for all sorts back then....


Thanks for that Paul, the only times I was there was for the cafe. Were you at that Cranberries gig then?


My mate Craig played drums with a short lived band called Stempel Schneider Black at the Flag Cafe, must've been circa '88? I remember borrowing books from the library, I think they were donated/loaned by owners/ members. Pretty sure I attended a life-drawing class there one evening with a local art student modelling. There wasn't much in Limerick at the time and it was a brave attempt at subcultural activity looking back on it.


Stempel Schneider Black! We burned too brightly. It must have been 1990 and I think Craig did alright with just a single snare drum at his disposal! It was fun though :-)


Does anyone know the actual address? Or what's replaced the Flag cafe in Limerick now? Would be great for a music nerd like me to see.


I think this was the entrance door to the cafe which was mainly located upstairs


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