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BP Fallon

Hmmm.... didn't know I DJed U2's Pop tour, didn't know I was "fired" by U2. Amazing what one reads!

Ah well. Here's the latest video directed by Shiimy Marcus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGm6_kIvS80

-BP Fallon

Paul Tarpey

Thanks for that BP it was the Zoo Tv tour I meant (correction above) In that observation I was referring to remembered Irish media noise on the time of the release of the Faraway so close book where there was speculation on why the dj input on the tour changed.


I have changed the above now, BP and Paul.


"What is a dj if he can't scratch..."

BP Fallon

Thank you for your gentlemanly corrections and explanation. I wouldn't have bothered commenting to you in the first place if this wasn't a fucking brill piece, which it most certainly is.

And we all shine on...


Paul Tarpey

Thanks BP. Im researching loose musical ends before the homogenization of the late 80s and id like to think i could pick your brains on this some time.

Jim Lurkin

Brilliant article and I love the deranged Sun Ra connection with Aidan, although Wild Man Fischer might be another comparison. But another eighties scene that you missed was the Mood Club at Tommy Dunnes circa 83-85. A whole plethora of bands played there that featured on ECs Hip City Boogaloo album as well as Guru Wierdbrain - Commotion, Fontaines, Side One, Golden Horde, Gorehounds, Stars of heaven, Wilderness Years. Not one of them in the messianic stadium rock mode of U2. Check the discussion on Dublin Working Class culture www.dublinopinion.com for background.

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